Duke University Motorsports is a student group that designs and builds open wheel, single seat race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The team consists of Duke students from both Pratt and Trinity, in all classes. The purpose of the team is to provide students with a way to gain practical design and manufacturing experience in a fun and challenging setting.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More random machining

Seems like there's always more machining to do...
Wing endplates for the moving element + one that I messed up in the background

We have a special castle nut tool that was made to allow us to tighten and loosen the castle nuts that hold the spindle in.  I made a new castle nut tool; the old one was aluminum and, well, it broke.  This one is steel and should be a lot stronger.  Oh, and machining steel with a cheap Chinese HSS bit = bit going dull half way through the operation and having to replace it.

Machining a new castle nut tool
It uses a standard 1 in wrench this time instead of some random metric size that you can't actually get a socket for

Front side

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