Duke University Motorsports is a student group that designs and builds open wheel, single seat race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The team consists of Duke students from both Pratt and Trinity, in all classes. The purpose of the team is to provide students with a way to gain practical design and manufacturing experience in a fun and challenging setting.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday, Oct. 1 Activities

Hey everyone,

We'll be working Saturday as usual starting at noon.  We'll be finishing the frame jig, hopefully starting to machine some frame tubes, building a new impact attenuator, starting on the carbon fiber layup of the intake, machining new parts, doing some solidworks modeling/design, etc.

As usual, we're picking people up from east in front of the marketplace at 11:45.

See you guys in the garage.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update 09-27-11

Since the last update, we've made some progress.  Details after the jump, but first a new rendering:

More renderings and updates after the jump...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Model a Seat in Solidworks

I'm going to do a quick tutorial on how to model something fairly complicated using basic Solidworks surfacing techniques.  As you can see below, at first glance a seat can be somewhat difficult to model due to its curves, but I'll show here how simple this process can be with surfaces.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Saturday, Sep. 17 Activites

Hey everyone,

We're going to continue working on the car this week.  We'll do some machining, CAD and modeling work, and keep working on the frame and frame jig.

If you don't have Solidworks yet and want to get a copy, bring a computer (Windows only - Solidworks does not currently support Mac) and we'll get it on your computer.

Once again, we're picking people up on East at 11:45.  Please be out there at 11:45 - if we know you're out there but don't have enough cars at that time, we will send another car to come get you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saturday, Sep. 10 Activities

Hi everyone,

First, this Saturday, GE is coming by the garage at noon and they are actively recruiting - bring a resume if you're interested!  They will also be providing lunch for everyone.

This weekend we'll be starting work on the car.  We'll be teaching how to machine, how to weld, and starting work on the frame jig for our new frame this year.  We'll also have a couple of small introductory solidworks projects for those of you interested in CAD work.

Once again, if you're on east campus, we will be picking people up from in front of the marketplace at 11:45. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Frame Jig

New frame means new frame jig.  And here it is:
Using the only model I could find (from the 2005-2006 year in fact), I measured our current jig and modified the model accordingly.  To make sure my measurements were correct, I referenced all the points back to the frame points from last year's frame (and may have found a couple of mistakes along the way in last years frame.. oops!), and made a simple modification to accommodate the new frame.  Basically, the upper rear support for the frame tubes will get moved forward, and new plates will be machined for the rest of the frame supports.  About as simple as a new frame jig can get - only one new tube required.

Car rendering

A picture... ...and a quick video