Duke University Motorsports is a student group that designs and builds open wheel, single seat race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The team consists of Duke students from both Pratt and Trinity, in all classes. The purpose of the team is to provide students with a way to gain practical design and manufacturing experience in a fun and challenging setting.

The Car

The Design Process
The process of creating a successful race car begins early in the year with the car's design. Before any tubes are cut and welded, the entire car is designed using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This allows us to integrate all the components together and resolve potential problems before manufacturing begins. We manufacture the majority of the parts on the car; parts such as the engine, shocks, and tires are purchased, but even with purchased parts a great deal of customization takes place. For example, while the engine is originally used on a Honda motorcycle, the complete intake, exhaust, fuel, and control systems are custom, leaving the engine design team with a great deal of freedom.

2013: OD-13

2012: Don't Worry About It

2011: One Ball

2010: Fette's Vette II

2009: Fette's Vette

2008: Buttrocket


2007: Miss T

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