Duke University Motorsports is a student group that designs and builds open wheel, single seat race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The team consists of Duke students from both Pratt and Trinity, in all classes. The purpose of the team is to provide students with a way to gain practical design and manufacturing experience in a fun and challenging setting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Progress Update

Right now we're in manufacturing mode.  Mostly machining work at this point, but some carbon fiber stuff as well.  Frame jig is sent off, but we're still waiting on the roll hoops (Chassis Shop apparently ran out of chromoly tubing...couple more weeks to wait).  Most of the little stuff is now machined, including ARB blocks, front bellcranks, a-arm jig and supports, throttle body linkage, and about 30 something tabs.
Next steps - more machining, mostly big stuff now like uprights and lathe work.  Intake is getting close to being finished, exhaust has been started, steel a-arms are on their way, and aero fabrication needs to be done.

Bunch of pictures of machining after the jump.

random piece of stock for the throttle body linkage
Machining the linkage

Final throttle body linkage
ARB block machining

ARB block machining
ARB blocks
A-arm jig
Front bellcranks

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