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Thursday, January 2, 2014

EGT Amplifier and Fan Controller PCB 2014 designs

Although we had a great PCB design for our EGT Amplifier that has been reliable, I made some layout changes that would make the final SMT soldering much easier. Instead of the double sided board previously built, the new layout is now all on one side so the whole board can be SMT soldered in one go. The header holes were also made larger so that the wire we use can properly fit through the holes. Last year we had to cut the wire diameter in more than half and that led to a very poorly soldered connection. The header holes on the Fan Controller were made larger as well. I just got the boards from OSH Park and they look great!!

The updated design for the EGT Amplifier board that is one sided and has larger header holes

Click below to see more pictures of the PCBs and stencils...